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Ray NakamotoLegendary classic VO interpretations perfect for wine and real estate. From luxury living to killer car spots, boxing and headliner casino spots, see Ray's page for samples.
Amy RumfeltAmy has a calm voice that can project honesty, authority, warmth, caring, sensuality and fun. A versatile, captivating voice for commercials, PSA's, narration, and political.
Andra LeeAndra specializes in bright, energetic delivery, as well as warm and pleasant narrative and serious documentary. Corporate and real estate voiceovers are specialties.
Irving WallIrving is the all American voice, from the west coast to the deep south, urban or standard American accents. Irving's voice is strong and deep, smooth or energetic. Movie trailers, narration, commercial, promos.
Rebecca BuckleyCrisp, and compelling for commercial and animation. Soothing and sensitive for projects with serious tones. Experienced character actor: villain/silly sidekick/love interest/mother/girl-next-door.
Deborah AdairNEW VOICE: Young and Mid- Adult, Real, Caring mom, Retail, Health care, Vulnerable, Actress, Home studio.
Elisa AllechantNEW VOICE. A multi-talented actress that can help with a variety of projects. Possessing a youthful, energetic voice, Elisa is great in character roles, narration and tech reads.
Stephen ArthurNEW VOICE: Deep baritone voice offers a sincere approach for dramatic readings, narratives & documentaries. Warm, Imagery, Believable --“Hallmark” style
John AshcroftNEW VOICE. Rich baritone capable of announcing, capable of TV promotions, commercials, aristocratic.
Philip BodenhornNew Voice. Deep-toned, mature, movie trailer voice excelling in dramatic interpretations, corporate narrations, documentaries; caring/concerned and bilingual Spanish complements.
Mary BrownNEW VOICE: Audio books-- Children's, Adults, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Educational Materials. I love to read for fun and information! Let me read for you.
Ernesto BustosNEW VOICE! Awesome Mega Upscale Automotive Voice! Super Deep. Trend Setter! Signature Voice for Auto Dealerships.
Rick CabralRick is a rich baritone capable of announce reads and ideal for characters.
Ben CanningNEW VOICE: A deep bass, Ben's trailer voice is excellent for hard sells. Excels at speed reading, and is great for any deadly serious roles.
Patrick CarvalhoNew Voice: "The Storyteller": Deep, mature, warm voice with a touch of gravel! Patrick's tranquil and friendly voice is great for TV Promos, Retail Commercials, Story-Telling and Documentaries/Narration.
Shannon CaseyOne of our speediest readers, Shannon offers an energetic voice that works for announce reads or comedic roles.
Donna Christie (1)Donna Christie: SAG/AFTRA, Animation voice. Donna played "Iggy" in the Heathcliff tv series. Performed 174 cartoons and a full length motion picture with the legendary MEL BLANC who played Heathcliff the Cat. Donna is a national animation voice. Original characters/female/male/cats/babies/Marilyn Monroe
Donna Christie (2)Donna Christie: SAG/AFTRA- National Voice/Retail/StoryTelling/Documentaries/Network Promos/Movie Trailers/ Stellar Interpretations/Versatility/European Dialect
Evan ColeNEW VOICE over talent, deep, resonate male voice, powerful, commanding and authoritative...voices can be from middle age to seniors....excellent for sport commercials to hard sell to warm PSAs.
JoAnne ConleyNEW VOICE. Rich and appealing voice …Warm and clear for narration, political, technical, corporate. Great sense of fun! VO, On-Camera and stage acting.
Kim ConyersNEW VOICE: "Barry White with an Attitude." Vibe: Deep/Soothing/Sexy
Christy Crevier (1)NEW VOICE. A captivating and alluring voice that grabs your attention and makes you want to listen. Great for TV Promos, Political, commercials and narrations.
Christy Crevier (2) NEW VOICE. Demo 2. A captivating and alluring voice that grabs your attention and makes you want to listen. Great for TV Promos, Political, commercials and narrations.
Dick Cummins (1)NEW VOICE. Down home, Western, Believable. Perfect for Restaurants, BBQ, Home Improvement, Construction, Hunting, Heavy-Duty Equipment, Etc.
Dick Cummins (2)NEW VOICE/AUTOMOTIVE. Rugged, Deep, Authentic, Western, Hard Working Blue Collar. Perfect for Truck Spots. National delivery.
Sue DaughertyNEW VOICE. Sue's range delivers! Sassy, sultry, warm, earnest, confident girl next door mixed in with a little rock-n-roll. Can do movie trailers to cars to cupcakes.
Melissa DavisNEW VOICE: Friendly girl next door, young mom, calm and professional, clear and articulate voice. Great for narrations, educational preschool, e-learning, corporate or telephony.
Walt FarlNEW VOICE: Confident, pleasant tone for your product or industrial reads and an even, comfortable presence for storytelling.
Jean FoxA bright, pleasant voice that can play a variety of parts, Jean is also a great singer.
Mike FoxMike is an excellent singer that offers an energetic, dynamic voice. He excels at announce reads and roles.
Aaron FrancesconiNew Voice. Attitude, as in the Carl's Jr. style. Great for Trailers, Narration, and anything that require attitude and or sarcasm.
Luis GarciaWith a broadcast background, Luis offers a rich, baritone that's ideal for roles, announce, and narration reads.
Carol GoodrichNEW VOICE: Carol has a deep, sultry, sophisticated style; as well as smart, friendly, cheerful and conversational. Fast with lots of energy, or slow and reassuring. Movie trailers, commercials, narration and political, audio books.
Lori GrbacNEW VOICE. Versatile fun girl next door voice ranging from intimate and sensuous to warm, friendly, and conversational to believable, sincere, professional and authoritative.
John Grove (1)NEW VOICE. John offers a genuine Americana Western style delivery! Mid-deep confident, edgy, yet kind, soothing, authentic and friendly voice. Great for TV promos, retail commercials, industrial narration / documentaries & PSAs.
John Grove (2)John Grove: National Voice-Audi; Chili's Ribs; Sportsman Channel
Ed Gyles Jr.NEW VOICE, CHARACTERS/IMPRESSIONS Ed has a dynamic, animated voice, creating a wide variety of characters. He is a trained comedic improviser and a veteran stage performer.
Sean HaddockSean has that cool, slightly edgy voice that can intrigue any audience. Serious or comical, he's strong at announce reads.
Kate HamonNEW VOICE: Narration/Senior/HealthCare/Actress/Persuasive/Children's books/ Marketing /British and Irish accents/ Midwestern and New York.
Kurt HardawayNEW VOICE: Young and Mid-Adult. Kurt's versatile and energetic style brings a fresh sound to commercial, narration, and tech reads.
Barbara Ann HardyNEW VOICE. Versatile voice and delivery, based on a lifetime of international acting, modeling, TV, radio. Warm, sincere, creative, enthusiastic, serious, responsive. Can do Japanese dialect.
Susan HaywardSusan features a select voice with a classic sound. Excellent in long form, technical, and narration reads.
Janet HenkeNEW VOICE: With a strong background in theatre, Janet offers unlimited characters. A finalist in Scott Brick's "Share the Experience" Audiobook Narration contest, she delivers comedy or drama memorably."
Bob HesseBob's voice has great depth and precision. He excels at announce reads, varying from lighter reads to the dark and gritty, and comedic characters.
Rodger HoopmanVoiceover actor, narrator & spokesman. Many character voices as well as both hard sell and soft sell deliveries. Over 40 years of voice over experience! Great vocal energy!"
Allan HowardNEW VOICE. Rich sound, mature, story teller, authoritative, smooth, like able, professional, fatherly, warm, confident, sensitive, knowing, conversational, natural, announcery, intelligent sounding, decent, frank, enlightened/sagely, concerned.
Scott HoweOne of the best "computer guy" voices out there, Scott offers a variety of characters and is ideal for comical roles.
Eric HurstNEW VOICE. Eric offers a confident, friendly, young teenage voice. Sincere, believable, yet full and commanding, perfect for TV promos, retail commercials, narrations and PSAs. Eric can sing and is a trained stage performer.
Spike HumerNEW VOICE: Resonate, baritone for attention, urgency, and commanding direction or Whisper to deliver a "breathful" tone of luxury, elegance, mystery, or dreamy nostalgia. Commercials, movie trailers, sports, documentaries & narrations.
Roger IrbyNEW VOICE: A warm delivery for upscale spots. Cool and conversational for narration and tech reads, Roger brings a unique contemporary sound to any project.
Terry JenkinsNEW VOICE. Terry's voice is suited for commercial and narrative roles with a warm and caring delivery, a bright and energetic delivery, or sexy, flirty delivery.
Danielle KoireNEW VOICE. Danielle has a fresh, clear, vibrant quality to her voice that works especially well for teen roles, commercials, and product endorsements.
Sami KoireNEW VOICE: Mature beyond her years, Sami's youthful teen voice is naturally expressive, ranging easily from bubbly to bold.
Lizzie KramerNEW VOICE- Animated teenage character/ Like Lisa Simpson on Steroids!
Todd KuhnenNEW VOICE: POLITICAL DEMO---Todd’s deep and resonating voice has an authoritative quality. As an excellent reader, he’s ideal for political spots, movie trailers, sport commercials, and warm PSA’s.
Tamara LaceyNew Voice: Warm, adult, versatile, authoritative, and friendly. Ideal for a wide variety of roles, commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, public service announcements and audio books.
Lauren LaMayNEW VOICE: A massage in sound, soothing and sultry, Lauren’s voice is great for audiobook, narrations, and commercials. Sensitive, warm, and intimate delivery.
Tracy LanglandsNEW VOICE: Tracy has that deep, warm, sultry voice that can easily switch to believable and professional. Great for commercials and narration.
Sheila LaPollaNEW VOICE: Vibrant voice with a quirky, comedic pizazz; changing from hot to cold ‘n’ back in a New York second. Whether rockin’ hard or cruisin’, Sheila will engage your audience.
Stan LemkuilIn Memoriam 1949-2013. A walking sound effects machine, Stan is renowned for his characters, impersonations, and strange noises. Guiness Book of Records: "World's Loudest Human". Entertained thousands of people at major area events. Last gig was for the Science Channel of New York doing sound effects for a documentary. "Stan, we will miss you!"
Rich MalmbergAn actor with a strong, precise voice, Rich is ideal for roles or as an announcer.
Corkie MatsonAs a wedding officiant, Corkie uses her warm, comforting and sultry voice to evoke emotions during a ceremony. Also happy and energetic, she is believable, conveying honesty and trust.
Marianne McClaryNEW VOICE! Marianne's warm, friendly tone and 30 years' experience as a television news anchor make her an excellent choice for narrations, documentaries, authoritative reads, and announcing.
Corinne MeadorsNEW VOICE: Deep, resonant for movie trailers and video games. Articulate, comforting, warm for health care and commercials. Sensual, conversational, real, actor. Documentary, Narration. Has home studio.
Rosemarie MessinaNEW VOICE: Warm, friendly, smooth, reassuring and clear. Energetic sound and accurate for tech reads, narrations and ideal for long form scripts.
Ryan MillerNEW VOICE: Grounded, confident, conversational, Funny, Playful, trustworthy, honest, sexy, Guy next door with attitude, smart ass, real, friendly, playful, sarcastic, sensitive, storyteller, folksy, dude, genuine, compassionate, sultry, sincere, versatile, animated, musical
Michael Miro (1)NEW VOICE. Main Demo: Announcer, authoritative, believeable, folksy, friendly, genuine, gravelly, knowledgeable, movietrailer.
Michael Miro (2)NEW VOICE. Airline Demo: Amusing, authoritative, humorous, impressions, characters, foreign, funny, genuine.
Janet Motenko-1NEW VOICE: Trained in theater, Janet can bring characters to life, from silly to sultry, from young to old. Her pleasant voice also is ideal for narration.
Janet Motenko-2Senior/Health Care Specialist/Warm/Engaging
Jonathan MummWith an extensive television background, Jonathan offers a warm, friendly delivery. Ideal for narration and technical reads.
James MunchNEW VOICE: Voice ranges include Narration, Movie Trailer Style, Acting, Story Telling, Warmth, Smile, Strategic Chuckles and Folksy – young adult to old.
Kate MurisNEW VOICE. Kate, an actress, provides upscale, sensuous, authoritative, warm, intimate, serious, instructive, silly little girl reads. Loves doing Commercials, PSA’s, Political’s, IVR’s, Training/educational, audiobooks, Movie Trailers, documentaries.
Erin Murphy (1)NEW VOICE. Erin's voice is warm, classy, conversational and believable. Excellent in short form as well as narrations, audiobooks, and documentaries. Commercials Demo.
Erin Murphy (2)NEW VOICE: Erin's voice is warm, classy, conversational and believable. Excellent in short form as well as narrations, audiobooks, and documentaries. Audiobook Demo.
BJ NashNEW VOICE. Smooth, Sultry, Warm, Inviting, Intimate, Classy, Sincere, Professional, Authoritative, Confident, Conversational, Accents, Characters.
Bob NathanExperience in broadcast, acting, and singing make Bob a very well-rounded VO talent. Strong with various dialects, he can help with announce, tech, and character reads.
Sarah NavarroSarah has a genuine, comforting tone capable of performing in a variety of roles, including narration and announcer.
Dennis NewhallWith a radio and acting background, Dennis can help with a wide variety of roles. He's very strong at tech reads and his improv skills enhance any comical characterization.
Samuel NewstoneNEW VOICE- Movie trailer-style baritone to warm, friendly. Wide vocal range and a variety of dialects and characters. Narrations/StoryTelling/PSA's
Sara NoahNEW VOICE. Extensively stage trained and adept at a variety of accents and characters, Sara offers a warm, rich, authoritative voice for commercials, documentaries, narration, and audiobooks.
Chris OshiroA soothing voice developed in a broadcast environment, Chris excels in traditional announce roles but is also great for various comedic characer parts.
Chris Pelzman NEW VOICE. Attitude, aggressive, versatile, deep, rugged, gritty sexy voice great for trailers, narration, commercials, concert and monster truck promos. Can also voice light-hearted, fun, professional spots.
Shannin RaeNEW VOICE: Sultry, engaging, authoritative, and flirty. Shannin is extremely diverse with 25 years of stage and singing experience - great for political, technical, narration, corporate, video games.
Victoria RandlettNEW VOICE: Victoria has a classy, warm, appealing voice ideal for a wide range of roles, including narration, character, and announcer.
Jose ReynosoJose offers an even, enthusiastic sound that character, announce, and narration reads can benefit from.
Chris RiceFrom cool young guy to sincere storyteller to intense narrator, Chris will deliver your message in a way that is sure to connect with your audience.
Alex RobertsonNEW VOICE: Alex is a veteran actor with a warm, inviting voice ideal for wine/travel spots and narrations. Also specializes in Character Voices.
Robin RobinsonRobin has a warm sound that commands attention. She is ideal for narration as well as roles.
Kateri Rose (1)NEW VOICE: versatile from sultry, sexy, edgy, friendly, conversational, upbeat, cheerful, authoritative, knowledgeable, edgy, sweet. Young to Mid-adult. Great for TV Promos, Political, commercials and narrations.
Kateri Rose (2)NEW VOICE: versatile from sultry, sexy, edgy, friendly, conversational, upbeat, cheerful, authoritative, knowledgeable, edgy, sweet. Young to Mid-adult. Great for TV Promos, Political, commercials and narrations.
Ryan RubiNEW VOICE: Deep, Warm, Smooth, Versatile, Matter of fact, Reserve, Resonance, Believable, Trustworthy, Signature chuckle, Soft/Quiet or Authoritative Delivery, Conversational storytelling, Trailer style, Retail, Acting
Brett Beauchamp RussellNEW VOICE: Looking for the “Guy Next Door?”/Conversational /Honest/Believable/ Warm/ Intimate/Personal/Down to Earth. Brett is the One You Want! Hire Him!
Lori Russo (1)NEW VOICE: This versatile professional actress has an expressive, powerful, joyful, natural, friendly, believable voice, that enhances any Retail/Corporate/Documentary/Narration and/ or Character work.
Lori Russo (2)NEW VOICE: This versatile professional actress has an expressive, powerful, joyful, natural, friendly, believable voice, that enhances any Retail/Corporate/Documentary/Narration and/ or Character work.
Lori Russo (3)NEW VOICE: This versatile professional actress has an expressive, powerful, joyful, natural, friendly, believable voice, that enhances any Retail/Corporate/Documentary/Narration and/ or Character work.
Kae SableNEW VOICE, Engaging voice: trustworthy, soothing, sexy. Commercials, eLearning, corporate narration, audio books.
Cheryl SamarzichNEW VOICE: Cheryl is a Storyteller with character. Wry, Sardonic, Humorous and Quirky. a conversational Mom or a bubbly girl next door - Real, Genuine, Down to earth.
Tim SassNEW VOICE: Tim has a deep authoritative and commanding voice which possesses a distinct and trustworthy delivery. His vocal quality mixes a rich timbre with a warm and soothing tone.
Fred SaterNEW VOICE. Story teller. Conversational. Warm, reassuring, sincere, friendly voice that evokes truth and understanding. Similar in style to a DEEP Tom Bodett (Motel 6).
Skylar SilverlakeNEW VOICE: In the style of a young Steve Buscemi or Jesse Eisenberg in "30 Minutes or Less". Unstable, youthful, spontaneous. Strong acting background, full of character(s).
Skip Alan SmithNEW VOICE: Deep, warm, resonant, instructional, announcer, story-teller, clear, intelligent, middle-aged, believable, seductive, sexy
Cynthia SpeakmanCynthia is an actress with a wonderful comedic knack. She can perform multiple roles on request.
Elizabeth Spence (1)A crisp, warm voice with confident tone, expressive energy, lots of vocal versatility and smooth delivery style. Great for promos, political, commercials and narrations. Commercial Demo
Elizabeth Spence (2)A crisp, warm voice with confident tone, expressive energy, lots of vocal versatility and smooth delivery style. Great for promos, political, commercials and narrations. Audiobook Demo
Jason StevensNEW VOICE: Multi-tone well suited for narratives, audio books or commercials that can clearly deliver speed readings and has established acting delivery and timing.
Kristin StoneNEW VOICE: Friendly, reassuring warm voice. Authoritative and credible narrations. Has both a mature sound or a youthful tone.
Tim Strauch, IINEW VOICE. Deep, Movie Trailer voice perfect not only for movie and video game trailers, but documentaries, narration, radio and television promos, and educational projects.
Eric SwartzNEW VOICE. Authentic and versatile storyteller with warm, conversational voice plus an array of colorful, engaging characters and accents ranging from personable to edgy. Commercial, narration, comedic, historical.
Susan TracyNEW VOICE: In the style of Allison Janney Kaiser ‘Thrive” Vibe: Warm/Comforting
Paul TurnquistNEW VOICE. With over 20 years in the industry, Paul can handle your hard sell automotive and impactful concert spots. Great for narrations Paul deep resonant voice is sure to please.
Gary UdellNEW VOICE: Natural, Sincere, Heartfelt, Comfortable, friendly, soothing sound suitable for long form narration or technical / medical.
Lisa UribeNEW VOICE: Energetic and fun describes Lisa and her voice to a T! Her voice provides a wide range, from Smart and Sexy, Political and Serious, to Confident and Believable.
Brian Wallace NEW VOICE. John Houseman style. Distinguished, Sophisticated, Experienced stage actor, narration experience, Commercials and audio books.
Larry Wayne WARM, MATURE, AUTHORITATIVE, CARING. Decades of experience roll off every word he speaks. From his ISDN equipped studio, Larry can turn your job around quickly. Non union.
Marni WebbMarni is an actress with a delicate sound that is ideal for a variety of roles, including narration and technical reads.
Anne WeitzelNEW VOICE/NARRATOR. Anne's mellifluous voice is well-suited to documentaries, narrations and audio books. Her competent delivery style lends itself equally well to announce roles, tutorials and tech reads.
Bill WheelockNEW VOICE: From folksy with an ounce of dry humor to a deep, dark, rich voice that navigates the listener through the rugged terrain of intrigue and mystery.
Cammie WinstonCammie has a rosy, cheerful voice that can lift spirits instantly. She is ideal for announce, narration and tech reads.
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