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If this is the time to finally start — or jump-start — your voice-over career, Nakamoto Productions can help you every step of the way!

There’s no need to go across country… to LA… or even the Bay Area.  Everything you need for establishing a Part-Time or Full- Time Voice-Over Career is right here LOCALLY, in Sacramento!

See what industry professionals and our own students have to say about us...


JOHN GROVE Former student, National Talent, AudioProducer

Without Coach Ray Nakamoto! I don't believe I would be where I'm at today In the VO Industry, I definitely appreciate this man. His patience, Coaching, Directing & Professional & Demo Production are spot on. Started attending Ray's open mic nights and attending his workshops and daily practice, & one on one's. Ray's killer demos helped send me to the next level skyrocketing my voice in the VO Biz. I have been able to win Awards in Hollywood 7 to be exact!! With hundreds & hundreds & hundreds of National commercials!! Radio, Narrations, Movies, TV, Promos, Trailers, Consumer sales, Explainer videos to MC for events when called upon! Mentor to many aspiring VO talent. I am these days a Juror and ON Stage Presenter for the Voice Arts Awards in Hollywood!!! And Loving the VO life. STILL ON FIRE!!! THANK YOU, RAY NAKAMOTO PRODUCTIONS, FOR MY START IN THIS VO INDUSTRY YEARS BACK WHEN I WAS GREEN & STUBBORN! MUCH LOVE AND SUCCESS TO YOU.

DON MORROW DON LA FONTAINE’S MENTOR; CO-ORIGINATOR OF MODERN MOVIE TRAILER DELIERY---Voice of “Titanic”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Jurassic Park- The Lost World”, “The Prince of Egypt”, “The Green Mile”, “Back to the Future”, The Spaghetti Westerns: “A Fistful of Dollars”, “For a Few Dollars More”, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” And thousands more.

Ray Nakamoto is not only an excellent teacher but he is unscrupulously honest as well. He'll tell it "like it is" and that's what people wanting to learn "voice over" need to hear.

He also endorses my method of teaching which is not only flattering, but the only real way to learn I truly believe. Just precisely what is it "I truly believe"? I'll let Ray tell it!

Sincerely, Don Morrow.....(WHO the hell is Don Morrow?... I'll let Ray tell that too).

FRANK McMINN Story Teller voice for Raley’s/Belair

Over 20 years ago, I did my first radio commercial for Raley’s. The director was Ray Nakamoto!

I will always be grateful for the advice and direction Ray gave me. His coaching helped me develop a manner of delivery that connected with listeners.

Ray is skilled at bringing out the best in an untrained voice – through style and pacing that makes the voice commercially appealing, and the message creditable.

Ray is the area’s premier voice coach and I thank him for helping me get started as a radio spokesman.

DONNA CHRISTIE Cartoon Network; Heathcliff TV series with MEL BLANC

Ray Nakamoto is a rare find among producers. His studio is equipped with state of the art equipment and Ray's imagination and skill go a long way to creating a very professional audio reel.

His pricing is fair and a long way from the fly-by-night producers with only a computer and microphone.

Ray produced an animated track and a commercial track for me which I successfully used to sign with the top agency in San Francisco.

Fouché VIDEO GAME SOUNDTRK PRODUCER/Owner/Producer/Composer at FouchéMuzik LLCWest Hollywood, California
Credits - Namco Bandai Games - Afro Samurai, Active life Extreme Challenge, Pac-Man Party.

Over the past few years I have had the good fortune of working with Nakamoto Productions for all of my voice-over needs. When the deadlines are fast approaching and time is of the essence it's great to know that I'm covered.

I've never been let down. The talent pool is just amazing.

The turn around time is exceptional. I would strongly urge you to use Nakamoto Productions for your next project. I've recently moved the studio to Hollywood and I still rely on Nakamoto Productions for my voice-over needs. Thanks Ray for your friendship, your professionalism and your support over the years.

Luis Garcia VO talent/Producer

Ray Nakamoto has been a personal friend and mentor for many years. A sincere and caring individual, whose life journey has been behind the microphone.

Giving of his time and resources for many who seek his perspective and knowledge. There are few individuals who have had such established and spanning careers in the VO industry as Ray.

For me, someone to look up to and emulate.

Cammie Winston Voice-Overs International

I have worked with Ray Nakamoto on many of my students voice demos and we're always happy with the finished product.

Ray offers an extensive music and sound effects library, a surgeon's skill in audio editing and a musician's ear to make everything flow together into a voiceover masterpiece.

dc goode Actor, Voice “Talent”, Door man and can opener for cats… and… Village idiot.

Ray has positioned himself (and rightfully so) as one of the Sacramento area’s best resources for all things VO. Not the least of which, is providing a terrific and affordable outlet for learning and advancing in voice over.

I always look forward to those times, when Ray calls on me to be a part of it. The chance to meet with folks (at any level) in our area, have some fun and….dare I say “work”….is a real delight.

Ray works hard to keep his classes relevant and current, which is no easy feat; in the rapid paced times we live in.

Go big or go home and take no prisoners.


I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ray Nakamoto for many years. Ray is the ultimate professional, and no one knows the voice-over business like he does.

In addition to his production skills, Ray has an amazing "ear" for knowing how to bring out the very best for his clients and students.

When I was ready to have my voice demo re-done, I naturally went to Ray. Not only does he do a fabulous job technically, but he also knows how to select the right material for your voice and guide you through the recording process to make sure you do your best. To top it off, his prices are a fraction of those in the bay area.

If you're considering a voice demo, I'd recommend you start with the "Money Voice" session.


Elisa Weller Allechant Former student, National Talent

Ray Nakamoto made my career.

Sure, I have a great voice and I can act, but without Ray, that's all I'd have. Coach Ray saw my talent and he launched my career. After taking classes elsewhere, I was adrift with knowledge and skill and nowhere to apply it. After a consultation with Ray, we made my demo and worked together to plan and execute my foray into the voiceover industry.

After posting my fantastic demo on, I landed my first gig in two days! Standing there in my kitchen, in my pajamas on the phone, I was offered a commercial for $1,400! Coach Ray was the first person I called because he always knows what to do and we arranged to record the gig at his studio.

Since that time, I've been working with Coach Ray on a variety of projects; he has helped coach me through my first gigs and audio book recordings, helped me choose my home studio equipment, and we still collaborate to improve my demo and skills on a reoccurring basis.

Since knowing Coach Ray, I've come to find he's not only loved by me, he's also well known and respected throughout the industry in Sacramento. My affiliation with Coach Ray has opened doors for me that I didn't even know existed. And he's just an all-around good-guy. He cares about his students, his talent, his clients and his family and friends.

I'm blessed to have been discovered by him!

Joaquin Wallace


First and Foremost, I would like to say that Coach Ray's Killer Demo he produced for me has been instrumental in my VO Career!
I often refer those who are interested in starting a career in Voice-Over to Ray.
His skill and ability to craft a Demo that best suits your voice and niche is incredible!
4-years ago, I had the pleasure of having Ray produce my 1st and only demo and the feedback was so impressive!
Many voice seekers thought the reads were actual VO's that were being played on both Radio and T.V.
However, most importantly, with Coach's Marketing Info... I was able to establish great working relationships from some of the most notable companies in the country.
If you haven't done so please book your Consultation and Demo today!!
Coach Ray's rates are competitive and affordable..
Good Luck!!

Rob Kacey Former student, National Talent, AudioProducer

The name is Baughan, Robert Baughan, but usually it's RoB KaCeY.! Just recently, I was lucky enough to get my first National spot & it premiered on The Academy Awards, when I did the VO tag for PEPSI Mini Cans. I’ve also done the Radio spot for PEPSI which will air for the next year! Ray always said my ‘Money Voice’ was like that of Mason Adams, who made ‘With a name like Smuckers’ a legendary line.

In fact, a lot of the bookings I’ve been hired for, although not all of them, have been variations of that Mason Adams style. I guess you’d have to say that Ray’s career guidance & influence have helped immeasurably with my Voice Over development.

You might even say, ‘With a name like Nakamoto…he has to be good!’


Working with Ray Nakamoto has accelerated not only my skill as a voice over talent, his guidance and advice has saved me time, energy, and effort in auditioning for jobs. I was taking several hours to produce a single submission-ready demo.

With Ray’s intensive audition recording sessions it takes me a fraction of the time. In a mere ninety minutes we’ve been able to craft and submit as many as five quality auditions for listing on and

The sessions with Ray not only helped me increase the number of submissions I’ve been able to create but the quality and professionalism of those spots has increased exponentially.

Literally, Ray has saved me months of trial and error testing and has help my confidence grow knowing Ray's by my side coaching me, guiding me, and mentoring me toward a higher level of performance and success in my voiceover career.

Ray’s ear and expertise have been invaluable in my growth and professional progression as a voiceover talent/actor (you can use whatever term serves you best). I couldn’t recommend Ray with more commitment and enthusiasm—quite simply, he’s been a wizard behind the curtain who has been magical for me.


Ray is a genius in the nuances of intonation, inflection, and when even when to pause which helped create the ideal read for my demo. Coupled with his expert weave of background sounds and music, I now have the coveted demo seasoned voiceover talent veterans consider invaluable for a career in voiceovers. Listen for yourself!

Ray, I cannot thank you enough for your dedication to perfection and support in helping me find my voice and cutting a demo! You are a genius in the nuances of intonation, inflection and when to take a breath. Who knew there was so much to think about? I am so excited to share our artistry with the world! I’ll keep you posted on my success. Thank you for sending me off into the world sounding like I’ve been doing this for years.

Brian Lee Gardner NEW VOICE

My name is Brian Lee Gardner. I am a Voice-Actor who was coached and assisted GREATLY by making my voice reel with Ray Nakamoto as Producer. I have subsequently landed repeat work with a documentary production company back East. All on the strength of simply, sending out query e-mails to film production companies...WITH... the Demo reel that Ray produced.

I cannot thank him enough. I have also, over the months since making the voice reel with him, called for advice and he's ALWAYS willing to help me!

Thanks a million Ray!

Kim Conyers NEW VOICE


Janet Motenko NEW VOICE

As far as I'm concerned, Ray Nakamoto is the go-to guy for voice demos in the Sacramento region. With decades of experience in the audio industry as a producer, director, copywriter, voice actor and coach, he knows the business up, down, sideways, inside and out.

He's also one of the nicest people you'll ever meet--kind, honest, sincere, encouraging and endlessly patient with voice actors.

At the same time, Ray understands the changing marketplace and has an unerring sense for what works well on a demo and what doesn't. He'll be honest with you and guide you to copy and delivery choices that will best showcase your vocal strengths.

Along with being a great guide and support, Ray is exceptional at picking just the right music beds and sound effects to tie a demo together, and his audio production work is always of the very highest quality.

We are so fortunate to have a demo producer of Ray's caliber and experience in the Sacramento area. I can't say enough good things about him!


Authenticity, sincerity, expertise - these are the cornerstones of a superior coach and mentor. Ray Nakamoto has been an ideal collaborative partner, supporting my voice over goals on a fast track. Thanks, Ray and Emma! I’m incredibly lucky to have found you!


If a Sacramento area Voice Over Talent is looking for a hands on, personal touch, & GREAT Value VO coaching… then I highly recommend Nakamoto Productions.

I am new to the VO world as of June 2013 and was blessed to have found this LOCAL VO organization. I have been working with the owner, Ray Nakamoto and found him to be warm & dedicated to his VO client’s success & is evidenced by where he puts his emphasis. What I mean by this is… that many other coaching organizations seem to put a huge amount of money into marketing & promoting how great they are… especially out there in the BIG Market areas outside of our beloved Sacramento.

My experience has been that Ray puts his time & money into offering the highest quality & affordable workshops, private lessons, demos, networking/linking the VO communities as well as offers very generous studio time at extremely affordable rates. In contrast to working via phone/skype/video training etc, & or having to travel long distances to get the “personal touch”. The emphasis of his marketing budget seems to be more focused on marketing his VO students.

Before discovering Nakamoto Productions, I had a telephone consultation/voice evaluation over the telephone with an East Coast Group, that just left me feeling that I was going to have to spend TONS more $$$, plus time & traveling expenses, just to genuinely find out if I have the “right stuff” or not for this business. Shortly after, I found Nakamoto Productions & for less than the other groups marketed price… I was given an IN STUDIO consultation/evaluation, generous recording time & great direction & a true sense of what my potential was & what my next steps would be… without feeling that I would have to plunk down LOTS of money right away to learn the VO business. During that session, I also got to hear several demos he has produced of his working students!

I have found that these “out of area” VO groups lead one to believe that you must study with “the big market people” to get work. Ray’s 40+ years of experience & expertise in the VO Business, plus his 30 years of producing & recording demos, has rewarded him with being Sacramento’s Award winning Demo Producer! From the demos I have heard that he has produced & meeting/working with many of his other students, as well as my time spent with him as my coach… it is a title WELL DESERVED.

For me, finding Nakamoto Productions was an answer to prayer, just when I was feeling a bit discouraged… and feeling a need to have a HANDS ON coach. In just a few short months of dedication on both Ray’s & my part, I am blossoming into a viable VO Talent. Ray has made this affordable & fun… and the best part for me, he has a dedicated, loving heart & has built a lovely VO community right here in Sacramento.

So… if anyone is still on the fence about VO…thinking that you have to study in the BIG Markets & not sure where to start… I say: “Give Ray a call… cuz he is honest & really cares!! He’s the best deal around for many miles”!!!


I really enjoyed the Pro Edition class with Ray and Brett and, of course, the other talented students in the class! The class was fun, comfortable and a great opportunity to learn and improve. We each got to practice auditioning three different times with great feedback from everyone.

I think this is a wonderful opportunity to "workshop" with others - no matter what level you are at! I am so thankful to have an opportunity such as this to improve my skills and to meet others with the same goals in the voiceover business!

Thanks to you and Brett for this class, Ray! It was really nice to meet your wife and for her e to take those pictures of us "in action", too! I really appreciate it!

I have only been practicing auditions up until now, but I think I'm ready to sign on as a premium member either at Voices 1-2-3 or

Thanks again for your great support, Ray!


Just a little “give backage package” to all those out there in the VO world who are hoping to “break in”. I am by no means an expert (for Pete’s sake, I just landed my first paid VO gig for!) but it was such a positive and awareness-raising step in my VO journey that I hope my sharing will encourage/help you if you are experiencing a “bump” or challenge, maybe feeling discouraged or confused.

On the day I auditioned for the job I was awarded, I sent in ten (10) auditions. Thanks to Ray’s skilled coaching, workshops and resulting spot-on demo, and Brett’s recent patient, knowledgeable help teaching me to polish, professionalize and distinguish my work technologically (giving me the ability to send auditions and completed quality work off in a fraction of the time previously needed), everything came together so that I was the right voice for the client, and he was extremely satisfied with my work.

It was incredibly exciting and so much fun working with the client, taking direction; pushing myself to establish a strong, positive reputation as a voice over actress.

Honestly, over the years there were so many times when I felt discouraged, thought I might give up; when I allowed that dangerous self-doubt and fear to creep in…the solution for me, it seems, was becoming really honest with myself and asking, “What you do really want? What do you love to do?” Voice Overs; to get behind the microphone and work! (and play). Fall freely into it – No fear!

So I kept preparing, tenacity was my new middle name – hence the ten auditions in one day (incidentally, that was about 2 ½ hours of time) I currently watch my grandchildren 3 days a week, so I only have so much time in my studio. $175.00 for 84 words sounds like easy money, but figure in all the many auditions and prep etc., leading up to that. Most definitely, you must do it for the love, not the money.

Of course, it would be fantastic and wonderful if it becomes steady or even lucrative – and that does happen! Anyway, I hope this little “nugget” will in some way help, and I wish you every success and blessings of fulfillment of your VO dreams.

Using your voice to make a positive difference I think is the most exciting of all!! Don’t give up!!! (After 2 weeks of laryngitis with which my precious grandson gifted me, I am chomping at the bit to get back behind the mic;().

Using your voice to make a positive difference I think is the most exciting of all!! Don’t give up!!! (After 2 weeks of laryngitis with which my precious grandson gifted me, I am chomping at the bit to get back behind the mic;().

VO Blessings and Hugs.


If you need assistance on any voice-over matter, I'm here for you!
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