Coach Ray, is Sacramento’s premier Voice Coach, Mentor and Demo Producer. With over 30 years as one of the most sought-after voice talents in Northern California and nationally, Coach Ray has mentored some of the entertainment industry’s highest profile, award winning voice talent.

“Hi Coach, Ray here. After a successful career in voice-over, throat cancer and crude radiation treatments led me to transition to become a voice-over coach. I’ve helped many beginning students discover their “Signature” or “Money voice” and through my Evaluation-Consultation, taught them the fundamentals of the voice-over industry.

I wrote their first VO demos using my Passion’s list. I found that writing about topics my students’ are passionate about, helped to elevate the emotional qualities in their reads. Many students found instant success in auditioning on ACX.com, the audio book site and Fiverr, the free auditioning site geared toward beginners.

I wake up every morning with a Passion! I want to give back my 30 plus years of voice-over knowledge to each of my students to help them attain VO SUCCESS!!“

Even though my diction is challenged, my students can understand every word as I’m very deliberate and I over enunciate. I trained one student to become a teacher, but he couldn’t cut it so I don’t recommend him anymore.


Voice-Over Coaching, Mentoring and Demo Production are my PASSIONS! Get started by recording a voice-over demo with me. I will make a Commitment to helping you build a successful career in VO. I will be there for you throughout your voice-over career.

Five years from now, if you have a difficult audition, I will be there for you. Ten years from now, if you’re facing a gut-wrenching VO decision to make, I will be there for you.

Through the peaks and valleys of your VO career, I promise to Never Abandon You!

And that is my Commitment to you.

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